Are you a young artist, storyteller, poet, musician, photographer, writer, film-maker, dancer, singer, songwriter? Click here if you would like to make a creative contribution to a 21st-century online retelling of the ancient Gilgamesh epic.

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The Gilgamesh epic project for young people runs from May 2015 to October 2016. It is organised by the Enheduanna Society and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the British Museum and the British Institute for the Study of Iraq.

The project's main digital outcome will be a 21st-century retelling of the ancient Gilgamesh epic in words, images and music composed by young people.

11-25 year-olds are invited to submit contributions for the 21st-century retelling of the ancient Gilgamesh epic through this Gilgamesh21 website. The deadline for submission of contributions is 31st August 2016. The finalised retelling will be published in November 2016.

website: InterOffice